Posted by on 25 May 2016

A.Z., Amsterdam 25.5.2016. We have just completed another “evaluation” of the Greek economy this week with all the great experts around the anatomy table where Greece was again being dismembered, analysed and examined in order to “be saved”. The word “negotiations”, along with the mantra of “corruption” and “lazyness”, has become the summum of an invented EU axioma. Greece has been accused and stigmatised by means of a methodical propaganda bringing into our minds the genious tactics of Goebbels and his scientific approach of ideological extermination of Jewish people. Even this period of time, 6 years after the initiation of the “Greek crisis” – as it has been baptised -, many repeat the magical words which are to blame for the tragic drama of Greece: “corruption”, “incompetency”, “tax avoidance”. To refer only to the last, I would suggest you just google “tax paradise Holland” to find out who is the master! As for “corruption” you could just have a look at “Siemens” and “Germany”. The applied tactics of 2000 EU and the road to USE dictate the ethos, morals and historical FAKENESS we experience at the moment. “Greeks bearing gifts…”: I read this article just a month or so ago and realised in what extence Greece is trapped due to a filthy and high tech media propaganda which has been methodically designed. The army of so called “Grecophielen”, (pseudo)journalists, activists and “Greece lovers” who have been gathering in Greek islands, main land and at hotspots, ignore the fact that even in the most difficult situation – judging according to the circumstances-, Greeks offer the refugees the most of all Europeans. Yet, pseudo-politicians, pseudo-journalists and mostly NGO’s pseudo-activists who come to Greece with EU subsidies already in the pocket, posing and acting in mad hysteria – like flies around carcasses- only to blame Greece and Greeks, only to support – in theory and in an abstract way- human rights, only to gain from human misery and generate income for themselves, these vultures are here, around us,  after having smelled the smell of death. Both, refugees and the majority of Greeks are the prey of neoliberal, globalised greediness and (historically approved) vultures. Read this report about the agony and struggle that people of Greece together with refugees have to cope with daily while the vultures (politicians, bankers and media) repeat the mantra of “Greeks bearing gifts” to stigmatise and exterminate a country, a culture and a population which they of course exploitate to the bone..!…
Of all the countries in Europe, Greece is the one that can least afford to be anyone’s savior. It is the continent’s most beleaguered country: constantly threatened with expulsion from the European Union, it is hugely in debt to European banks. In 2010, the “troika”—the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund—forced the government to adopt extreme austerity measures., and Greek society has been in a state of crisis ever since. Unemployment is 25.2 percent. Suicides are up 36 percent since austerity was introduced. Nearly half of all schoolchildren aren’t getting enough to eat. Greeks have every right to be exhausted and selfish. And some of them are: on Kos and Lesbos, the two islands where most refugees are landing, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party almost doubled its share of the vote in the September 20 general election. (It didn’t help that supporters of the leftist ruling party Syriza stayed home in droves.) But if Europe has failed both Greeks and refugees, one of the strangely beautiful things about the current crisis is the way both Greeks and refugees have been helping each other get through it. As their government flounders, and the big international aid agencies focus on the 95 percent of Syrian refugees who aren’t in Europe, Greek volunteers have provided everything from housing to food, medical and legal help. You can read the rest of the report using the link above. See also: